Orgit Ltd.
Novotneho lavka 5
116 68 Prague 1
Czech Republic
tel.: +420-221-082-248
fax: +420-221-082-366

Company Profile

Orgit Ltd. was founded in 1999 on the basis of very long tradition previously on the non-commercial basis. We are focused on organising big international events such as conferences, congresses, symposia and meetings with venues not only in magical Prague but throughout all the Czech Republic. Our main target is to organise the events efectively and smootly by means of use of information technologies, which also gave the name to the company: ORGanisation by Information Technologies.

Standard Procedures

Based on forty-years of experience in congress organising, specialists in Orgit Ltd. developed standard procedures to organise large events in all related aspects. These procedures are divided in specialized blocks, e.g. mailing-database creation, web pages including interactive application forms, circulars creating and printing and also accommodation and social and ladies program mediation etc.

Organising congresses and similar events needs co-operation of organisational, technical and scientific parts. Orgit Ltd. offers the organisational and technical parts, which are ready to closely co-operate with the scientific part - i.e. with the customer.

Ways of Co-operation and Financing

Orgit Ltd. is able to take over the whole organisation of events, incl. primary financing. The organiser (customer) operates as a professional body to guarantee the scientific level of the event. Every important organisational step is consulted by all parties to find the best solution. Orgit Ltd. is presented as a service agency or as one of the organisers.

OrgitĀ“s advantage is in its specialisation in all fields of congress organisation, experience in organising great international events (please see References) and also its independence in selecting halls, services sub-providers, social program etc. Orgit Ltd. is ready to defray initial financial guarantees by buying hotel-capacities options and hall-reservations, purchase marketing databases etc., all this several years before the event.

Orgit Ltd. is able to facilitate congress or conference financing from its own funds until registration fees are collected. Orgit Ltd. provides registration-fees flow via all usual way of payment, incl. credit cards and also provides accounting services in specific field of foreign currencies.